Why We Should  . . .

Evaluate the Evaluators

The Toastmasters’ educational system works by learning how, trying it, evaluation – and repeating as we develop increasing skill and ease in the club.

Evaluators have a particularly challenging job; using a very short, almost impromptu talk to help a speaker develop skill and ease while presenting prepared speeches. Evaluators deserve to know how they did!

In some clubs the General Evaluator introduces the Evaluators and gives them evaluations to help them – also – increase their skill and ease. The GE also evaluates the Table Topics Master, the Toastmaster, and noteworthy (good or bad) members of the “Eyes and Ears” team.

If we don’t evaluate those who present we deprive them of a valuable benefit of Toastmasters – the opportunity to learn and to develop their skill and comfort in Toastmasters roles.

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Why We Do It – or Should

Mention a Speech’s Goals When Introducing a Speaker

The Toastmasters’ educational system works by learning how, trying it, evaluation – and repeating. Members provide advice and observations about a speaker’s performance in short critiques. Many manual speeches have specific goals that the speaker wants to demonstrate. Those goals are much easier to address if they are mentioned by the Evaluator during the introduction.

Then, the goals are addressed during the evaluation, especially if they haven’t been met. This is an uncomfortable task at best and it can seem disparaging. Starting with the speech goals, then addressing those the speaker met and those he didn’t replaces much of the discomfort with professionalism.

The evaluations should be briefly evaluated by the General Evaluator; and she should be sure to mention the inclusion of the goals in the introduction and in the evaluation itself. Even more importantly, their absence should be noted. How will Evaluators know what to improve if they don’t know what they did poorly?

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Last Meeting in April


Another Fast, Productive Meeting

Great meeting with Ed at the helm as Toastmaster, and in addition to guiding us through the agenda provided the “Protocol Minute” in Lesa’s absence.

Two new members “broke the ice:” Jennifer regaled us with “a Few Lessons Learned”  and Ophelia helped us learn “About Ophelia.”

Susan, as Table Topics® Master provoked us with questions about kites, introduced with interesting tidbits about kite history that led into each question. Shenin and Anh Chi evaluated Ophelia’s and Jenifer’s speeches, Shenin winning the “Bettert Evaluator” award. Jennifer was proclaimed the “Better Speaker” at today’s meeting.

Noteworthy: both Evaluators used the Icebreaker’s stated goals in their evaluations. However, only four of us used the word of the day, “perplexed,” that was chosen by our Grammarian Zach.

David covered for Cindy and gave us our assignments for next week; looks like we’ll have a couple more Icebreakers. Great work! new members.

Our new visitor was pleased with the meeting and is considering joining. His company promotes Toastmasters – and he was a USAF airman which could round out our service members with a “blue suit.”

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