Why Do We . . .

Hand CL Manuals around before the meeting?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that some members of our club hand their Competent Leadership manual to others at the beginning of a meeting. Or, you may have attended a meeting at another club where “pass your CL manuals to the member on your left” was one of the Toastmaster’s “housekeeping” remarks.

The CL manual is much like the Competent Communication manual; it calls for completing ten projects. Completion results in an award from TI (Competent Leader).

The projects are designed to build skills in leadership. Each project requires completion of a variable number of tasks, most of them involving roles during a TM meeting, such as Timer or Grammarian.

Each project is focused on an aspect of leadership such as listening, time management or critical thinking. The introduction to each of the tasks relates the role to the purpose for that project. (These introductions are great quick reviews for meeting roles, too,  which is especially handy if you pick up the role at the last minute.)

A lot of roles require several significant skills. The Grammarian role, for example, requires Listening, Critical Thinking, Giving Feedback and Time Management, so the role appears in those projects. The idea is to focus on one aspect, and be evaluated on that aspect, each time you serve in the role of Grammarian.

So, when you are assigned a meeting role:

  1. Read the description and the hints for the role in one of the projects in your CL manual.
  2. Open the manual to that page and ask anyone to evaluate you, passing them the manual.
  3. Read the evaluation after the meeting.

Note that it’s best not to ask the same person every time, and usually wise to avoid asking someone who is speaking or evaluating (or serving as Toastmaster).

If you aren’t working on the CL projects, you’re missing a great opportunity for growth, recognition and challenge.

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