March 29’s FABULOUS meeting…

David led our happy band of yappers with a theme of “Spring at Last(?)”.  Sixteen members were in attendance including our newest members, Jennifer and Curt.  Guest Ofelia completed her application during the meeting!
Anh Chi led us in the Pledge of Allegiance and provided our Protocol Minute.  Anh Chi reminded the audience of the club’s presence on social media.  In addition to our Meet Up and web site presences, did you know that Speak, Lead, Succeed Toastmasters has a blog, Face Book and Twitter feed?  Check out for more information.
Paul, Diana, Shenin and Zach rounded out the “Eyes & Ears” team as Timer, Vote Counter/Bell Ringer, Grammarian and Ah Counter, respectively.  Shenin selected ‘incipient’ as the Word of the Day.
Speech evaluator, Cindy, introduced Ed who presented project #7 from the Competent Communication manual titled, “Sites Reservoir”.  Ed’s fact-filled speech on this important public works project was a perfect choice for project #7’s key objective, ‘Research Your Topic’.  The ebb and flow of the Sacramento river would drive the level of the reservoir, helping to stabilize the water supply to our thirsty state.
Jean introduced Hue.  Hue presented project #8 from the Competent Communication manual which helps the presenter to ‘Get Comfortable with Visual Aids’.  Her presentation, titled “Emotion”, included moving images and exquisite prose, challenging the audience’s sensitivities.  Emotion transcends language and cultural barriers.  Hue delicately interwove humor throughout her speech.
What incredibly varied speeches and deliveries our two speakers had.  It was quite a treat for the audience.
Alas, we ran ourselves out of time and had to forgo Lesa’s Table Topics(R) questions.  The ‘longest minute of the week’ would have to wait for next time…
Ed and Cindy were selected by the audience as the better speaker and evaluator for the day.
After the normal club agenda, the membership was pleased to vote Ofelia and Jennifer into the club.  Curt and Jennifer were inducted.  Ofelia will be inducted next week.  A motion carried to reimburse Diana for the club’s Meetup site.
Don’t miss next week’s meeting!  Diana will be serving as Toastmaster, and Paul and Cindy will be speaking.
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