We assign members to meeting roles:

To provide more speaking opportunities for members.

  • To improve our listening skills.
  • To improve the educational quality of our meetings.

The GRAMMARIAN focuses attention upon our use of language so that we can improve our vocabulary and sentence structure.  When called upon, report on notable and poor uses of language and who used the WOD (Word Of the Day)

Don’t try to cover everything said. Instead, select the best examples of good grammar and colorful language as well as the most egregious mistakes.


The WORD OF THE DAY helps members improve their vocabularies and remember to say something they intended to say.

Select a word that harmonizes with the meeting theme, will increase our vocabulary, and yet is easily incorporated into a variety of subjects.

  1. Pronounce it clearly, correctly, and audibly.
  2. Give the part of speech (noun, adverb, etc.)
  3. Give a concise definition.
  4. Give an example of its use.
  5. Encourage everyone to use it.

Video clip of Grammarian role.

Useful info:

  • Twelve minute video illustrating selected meeting roles:
  • Toastmasters app; timer (turns screen red, yellow and green at appropriate intervals), reports times and speakers’ names to the club Secretary, helps with meeting details. Works on iPhone, Android.




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