A Word from the VPE

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Frankly, the Eagle is overrated as a symbol.”

Toastmaster Paul reminded us of the many transitions that we have faced as a nation, starting with the United States’ first transition in 1797 when President George Washington handed off the reins of the nation to incoming President John Adams.
The Speak, Lead, Succeed team was ‘more flexible than an Olympic gymnast’ taking advantage of leadership opportunities as they presented themselves.
We welcomed a guest.  Tom was previously a Toastmaster and joined the ‘Eyes and Ears’ team as Ah-Counter.  Members present included Dennis, Anh Chi, Lesa, Cindy, Jean, Ed, Jill, David, Paul and Hue.
Speech Evaluator Lesa introduced Anh Chi, who presented a project from Toastmasters’ Advanced Communications manual on Persuasive speaking, entitled “Making the Pelvis Sacred Again”.  She combined facts, philosophy, headline news and her own personal experience to encourage her audience to rethink the impact of their pelvic regions on their health.
Dennis introduced Ed who informed the audience of “The Missing Link” getting water from the Sacramento River to southern California via the pump stations north of Tracy, California.  Environmental impacts to the Sacramento River delta and San Pablo Bay were shared along with the economical and agricultural impacts to the San Joaquin  area.
Dear members, if you’ve missed a couple of meetings, please drop by.  We’d love to see you.  Of course, guests are always welcome to our meetings at noon on Wednesday.
SPECIAL EVENT: The meeting of 1/25 will feature a special presentation of Toastmasters’ Evaluation educational module presented by Dennis.  David will host as Toastmaster.  As part of Dennis’ presentation, Paul will be speaking and Jill will be evaluating.  Toastmasters won’t want to miss this one.  There’s a lot to learn from this incredible team.
Also, LACE is this Saturday at Chapman College.  Check out foundersdistrict.org/LACE for schedule and parking pass.  Officer training is FREE.  Stellar workshops are available to the public and Toastmasters at a ridiculously reasonable price!
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