A Word from our Club’s VP of Education

direction-1013995_1920Greetings fellow Toastmasters –

For the day after the US presidential election, Toastmaster Shenin hosted a meeting about “Making Decisions (for Good or Bad)”. Her insightful Thought of the Day included quotes from both Secretary Clinton and President-Elect Trump.

The club was pleased to welcome Tau as a guest to the meeting.

Diana’s Protocol Minute reminded each of us of the importance of bringing guests, how to identify prospects, and how Toastmasters can help them just as Toastmasters has helped each of us.

Tony introduced our first speaker, Diana. Diana presented project #6 from the Competent Communications manual, ‘Vocal Variety’. For speech content, Diana leveraged a module from Toastmasters Successful Club Series “Creating the Best Club Climate”. Healthy clubs meet the needs of their members and encourage their individual growth. Guests feel welcome and want to join.

Susan introduced our second speaker, Cindy. Cindy gave an overview of the Electoral College and its role in selecting the US President. What happens when, like this year, the popular vote does not match the electoral vote? The question of “Should we keep the Electoral College?” was left as food for thought. Cindy’s presentation was project #7 from the Competent Communication manual, ‘Research Your Topic’, entitled “Behind the Ballot Box”.

David led the Table Topics(R) session, inviting 3 members to explain strange objects from a secret bag. Describe why it would be impossible to live without these unique things. Moments of indecision (Word of the Day!) were followed by very imaginative answers. Paul, Ed and Juanita participated with Juanita’s tale of ‘dousing’ (divining water) winning the Best Table Topics ribbon.

Susan was awarded the Best Evaluator ribbon while Cindy received Best Speaker. The day’s vote counter commented on how close the balloting was for the ribbons. Hmmm… just like the presidential election?

Don’t miss this week’s meeting at noon on Wednesday. “The Importance of Music in Our Lives” is the theme chosen by Toastmaster Cornelia. It is sure to be a ‘harmonious’ event. Remember to bring your smile because it is club picture day #2! No meeting is planned for next week. Happy Thanksgiving!

Stay tuned for information on our White Elephant Holiday event on December 14. This is always a fun meeting!


Cindy Liebeck
Vice President Education
Speak, Lead, Succeed Toastmasters, club #9873


Image: Pixabay.com


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