A Word from our Club’s VP of Education


Greetings fellow Toastmasters –

Nancy hosted last Wednesday’s meeting with the theme “This Too Shall Pass”. The expression goes back to medieval Persian Sufi poets and was used in a speech given by Abraham Lincoln after he was elected president.

In our Protocol Minute I reminded members that October 29, is the Founders District Fall Conference in Cerritos. Craig Valentine, the 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking will be giving the keynote address. The Founders District Conference is a worthwhile event that all Toastmasters should consider attending. Check out foundersdistrict.org for schedule and registration information.

“We the People” was the title of Paul’s presentation. Paul presented project #7 from the Competent Communication manual. ‘Research Your Topic’ is a key objective of project #7. Paul educated the audience on the history and importance of the Preamble to the Constitution of the United States. What the Preamble is and what it is not was enlightening. Did you know that the Preamble was written after the Constitution?

Bullying is on the forefront of people’s minds these days, but “What if the Teacher is the Bully?” Cornelia shared the surprisingly common occurrence of bullies serving in roles of authority in our children’s lives. What are the long term impacts on children when they’ve witnessed or directly experienced bullying from an authority figure? Her story had a personal side, too. Project #6 from the Competent Communication manual, ‘Using Vocal Variety’, provided objectives and guidance for Cornelia’s presentation.

Susan’s theme-inspired Table Topics(R) questions kept members on their feet. Three participants responded to questions on the applicability of “this too shall pass” to their own experiences.

Ed used an evaluation technique he gleaned from the recent Division C contest to evaluate Paul’s speech. Anh Chi evaluated Cornelia’s presentation.

The better Table Topics(R) ribbon was awarded to Tony. The better Speech Evaluator was Anh Chi. The better Speaker today was Cornelia. Congratulations to all participants for taking advantage of the personal growth made available to them today.

Don’t miss tomorrow’s meeting where Jill will be serving as Toastmaster. Drew will be giving a speech from “The Professional Speaker’ Advanced Communication manual. Paul will provide impromptu speech opportunities as Table Topics(R) Master. Watch the Speak, Lead, Succeed Toastmasters meetup.com page for Jill to announce her meeting theme.

Remember PICTURE day on November 2 and November 9. Toastmasters Moments of Truth will be our group project on November 2.



Image: Pixaby.com


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