A Word from our Club’s VP of Education


Toastmaster Tony hosted the 10/5 meeting with a theme of ‘Discipline = Abundance’. His thought of the day spoke of the value of persistence and discipline to be your best self and lead an abundant life.

Diana offered a Protocol Minute reminding club members to check their email regularly for opportunities to lead. RSVP to meetup.com meetings is another avenue to communicate your availability. Toastmasters are urged to use the comments section of the RSVP to announce their meeting themes for the rest of the group.

Jean presented an informative session on where each of us and our club, Speak, Lead, Succeed Toastmasters, fits into the Toastmasters International organization. She started with an history of Toastmasters and our club including some interesting tidbits of women in Toastmasters and Founders District, the Birthplace of Toastmasters. Jean went on to talk about recent growth in the organization.

Did you know that Speak, Lead, Succeed Toastmasters has been a President’s Distinguished Club for the last two years? This is the highest honor bestowed on a Toastmasters club, rewarding clubs that have excelled in meeting their members’ needs.

Jean spoke of the annual rotation of speech contests in Toastmasters. Fall contests include a Speech Evaluation contest as well as either a Humorous Speech or Tall Tales contest. The spring competition includes the International Speech and Table Topics(R) contests.

Toastmasters features an ‘abundance’ (word of the day!) of specialty and advanced clubs, and some clubs with interesting names…

Cornelia took full advantage of her time as Table Topics(R) master, inviting five members to answer questions she crafted to fit with Tony’s theme. Diana won the day’s Table Topics(R) competition speaking of her ‘big stretch’ serving as the District’s New Club chair and how this opportunity is encouraging her to grow.

Speaker Jean and her speech evaluator, Paul, were awarded the ribbons for better speaker and evaluator, respectively.

Plan on attending next week’s meeting! Nancy will be leading the group as Toastmaster.




Photo Credit: Pixaby.com


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