A Word from our Club’s VP of Education


Our last meeting on Wednesday Sept 28th was led by our toastmaster Anh Chi with a theme of “Transitions”. Her thought of the day spoke of the historic celebration of transitions both celestial (equinoxes, solstices) and life (weddings, quinceanera, bar/bat mitzvahs).

The meeting started with a Protocol Minute provided by David. His Protocol Minute focused on “Crafting an Agenda” including the importance of making sure the timing was correct, and that leadership roles were introduced in the order that they were needed. As a result, he recommended that the club’s Microphone Passer be introduced prior to the other members of the “Eyes and Ears Team”.

Josh presented project #6 from Toastmaster’s Competent Communication manual. Using ‘vocal variety’ is the project’s primary objective. Josh’s speech touched on a subject he is passionate about – Start Ups. “Tell Them Why” was the title of his speech. The value of having a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement were the main points of his presentation. The speech was very informative. Josh has a way of making his speeches very interesting.

The meeting then ‘segued’ (today’s Word of the Day) into an historic folk tale shared by Diana. Diana presented project #1 from Toastmaster’s Storytelling Advanced Communications manual, The Folk Tale. Her story included riveting imagery about “The Golem” coming to life to protect the Jews. The dramatic setting for the tale were the ghettos of war-torn Prague in the mid-1500s. Diana’s telling brought the Folk Tale to life.

Drew led our impromptu Table Topics(R) session, asking clever questions of Cindy and Dennis within the Transitions theme.

Shenin and Jean provided valuable feedback for Josh and Diana, identifying strengths they demonstrated as well as places where they could improve.

Cornelia awarded ribbons to the better speaker today (Josh), the better evaluator (Jean) and the better Table Topics(R) speaker, Cindy.

Plan on attending next week’s meeting on October 5th! Tony will be our Toastmaster and has chosen the theme, “Discipline = Abundance” .



Image: Pixaby.com



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