New Officer Leadership Tips

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Entry on an employee’s evaluation: “The only reason anyone would follow this manager is morbid curiosity.”

Credibility is a major key to effective leadership. If we can’t believe you why should we follow you? If you have the leadership office but no one follows you except by accident – or when it’s required by their livelihood, then you aren’t a leader. You’re probably not effective, either.

“Leadership is about the investment we make into others and the responsibilities we accept for being the voice and direction that others count on.”

Signs You Might Be a Terrible Leader (Yes, You)

You make empty promises.

You fail to follow up. 

“. . . When you make a promise, not only is your word on the line, but so is your integrity, so follow up with a “yes it’s completed” or “no, but here is when I commit to it being completed.”

You’re fearful of confrontation. 

As opposed to avoiding confrontation, focus on outlining exactly what is expected in every partnership or transaction you engage in.

You don’t hold yourself accountable. 

Nobody likes to be held accountable  . . . “

But, if you don’t self-reflect, and improve, you’re not serving your members. Great leaders take ownership of what they say and do.

Toastmasters offers the opportunity to examine our leadership approaches, try a technique, analyze our efforts and effects, and seek feedback. It’s a tremendous learning opportunity, without the risk of job loss or business failings.

If, and only if, we reflect, hold ourselves accountable for improvement (not perfection) and “own our behaviors, good and bad. That’s how we learn to speak in Toastmasters, and it’s a good way to learn how to lead.

If you’re credible, honest and diligent, you’re worth following, even if you make mistakes. If you waffle, prevaricate and make excuses, you’re not.

A new Toastmasters year is starting; it’s a wonderful time for new officers to start learning and practicing leadership skills.


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