Vegas — or 30 mpg

Sports 103

Getting to Vegas – or getting 30 mpg

Is the club’s score on the “Distinguished Club Program” a goal or a measure of effectiveness?

When we play baseball or golf the score is the purpose, the endpoint. But when we go on a trip the average mileage is just a measure of efficiency in our driving, not the goal.

Is the Distinguished Club Plan a goal – earning the most points so we “win?” Or is it one measure of how well we are meeting our members’ needs for communications and leadership education?

Another way to measure our club’s performance is the Moments Of Truth program. It uses member opinion surveys to evaluate how members view the club.

It would be counterproductive to cull the surveys for only positive remarks. It’s also counterproductive to create misleading DCP data; measuring effectiveness is useful if it measures effectiveness, but not if the numbers become the goal.

One example would be “getting all the officers trained by the deadline.” If the training is actually useful, then officers and clubs benefit. If not, the numbers matter more than what they measure.

There’s more to club officer training than “signing off” all of the officers so the club will get some DCP points. Some well-trained and devoted trainers develop and test classes for L.A.C.E. Officers who cannot attend L.A.C.E. can attend well-prepared training that involves a lot of preparation and planning.

Or, a club’s officers can be “trained” by signing in for a ten-minute session after a regular meeting. Ten or fifteen minutes to fully train seven club officers . . . and it takes one or two hours to train each officer at LACE or good make-up training?

If officer training is perceived as a boring waste of time, we’re doing something wrong. If it’s seen as useful and productive, we need to demand that our officers train properly for their jobs.

Perhaps it’s time to evaluate what we expect from our officers and our officer training. Maybe a president who has served as President, VPE, VPM and Secretary can self-study – and should self-certify her training. A new Treasurer will probably benefit from a class that features accessing the TI site, reviewing the California (tax) form 99m and discussing TI guidelines about money handling.

Our goal as Toastmasters is to serve our members, and that includes effectively training our club officers – it doesn’t include just “making the numbers.”



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