Me? A Director

Domesticated 156

A  Director’s Job 

You don’t have to understand electricity to turn on a light, or understand web conferencing platforms to virtually attend meetings. But,

“. . . that’s always been an option. You can just use the tool without understanding it; copy the leader without realizing where she’s going, follow instructions without questioning them.

“You can choose to be a cog in a machine you don’t understand.

“If that’s working for you, no need to change it.”

We can just call a friend who’s a District Officer when we need to get something done for our club. We can find a rule that says we can’t do whatever it is. We can wonder how anything gets done with such an overstaffed District staff.

Or, we can learn; we can research, think, validate our understanding, experiment – and learn. If we want to know about District operations we can attend District Officer Meetings and training. Or better yet – we can jump in and serve as a District Officer – say, as an Area Director.

What will happen if you accept an Area Director position?

First of all, you’ll attend meetings. Some will be worthwhile, others – not so much.

Next, you’ll visit clubs. You’ll get a chance to see how other clubs conduct meetings and manage their resources. You’ll have to explain policies, procedures and best practices. You’ll have to influence club leaders (to get their members to LACE for example). You’ll have to reassure and convince timid members that they are capable of competing in the next competition. You’ll have to make two canned reports on visits to each club (on an arthritic, archaic and frustrating web application). You’ll talk to individuals and small groups a lot. You’ll learn a lot.

You’ll learn how the Division and more-importantly the District really operates. You’ll see devoted Toastmasters spending time and expending efforts, often in large amounts, to support you and your clubs. You’ll learn that District leaders are human, prone to mistakes and sometimes brilliant.

You’ll complete a requirement for Advanced Leader, Silver.

Will you like it? Definitely. Will you feel thwarted and frustrated? Yup, from time to time. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Or,

“You can choose to be a cog in a machine you don’t understand. If that’s working for you, no need to change it.”


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