Winners again


Speak, Lead, Succeed provided our Area’s first place speech contest winners to represent our Area in the Division contest held at Capital Group Companies facility on April 2nd.

Speak, Lead, Succeed is a President’s Distinguished Club that regularly sends winning competitors to Area contests, and often to Division contests, and sometimes even to District competition. SLS club members are fantastic.

But we also have to think that the club is doing the job we’re chartered to do – help members learn and grow. Our speech contest competitors speak to our members’ willingness to take risks and extend themselves into the scary unknown – contests. And their winning frequent Area Contest trophies implies that we, as a club, are providing the support and training – and especially the evaluations – they need to excel. Our members rock!

Anh Chi’s masterful, beautifully-presented and impeccably-written talk moved the audience. In fact, a Club President was overheard saying to a winner from another area, “Well, at least we know who we have to beat, don’t we?” The amount of thought, practice, wisdom – and personal calm that Anh Chi displayed marked her clearly as the winner by the time she concluded. The announcement was, for me, an anticlimax; “of course she was number one – and by a large margin.”

Cindy’s warmth engaged the audience and her presentation skills enthralled the audience within the first thirty seconds. Then she shepherded us through gently through her thoughts on the Table Topics question, and, as the green light turned yellow she revisited her main points and brought us to her clear, vibrant conclusion. Well done!

Anh Chi and Cindy will represent Area A-6 at the Division A contest at 1:00 pm: it will be held at Capital Group Companies 6455 Irvine Center Drive Irvine, CA 92618. They did a great job – and they can use our support. Please plan to attend on Saturday, April 2nd, to encourage our winners and to enjoy a great competition.

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