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Be ready to speak

If you belong to more than one TM club, you can unexpectedly find that you have a speech scheduled. No time to write, refine, and tweak an outline. Rehearsal will be limited to a couple of mental run-throughs, maybe in the shower.

Even if you belong to only one club finding your name listed as a club speaker can be startling and it may provoke excuses – “I can’t speak next week because the dog ate my speech notes.” Remember the adage attributed (more or less) to Ben Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

The solution, and peace of mind in TM speaking, lies in planning. We know we’re going to present three more speeches, so why not work on them now? The standby speech can be maintained pretty well ready to go; it will just need a little tweaking and a lot of practice. The backup talk has a fairly-good outline, and it’s been timed to fit the project requirements. It will require more work to get it “ready for prime time.” The second backup has been researched and a rough outline completed.

When our name magically appears on the next meeting’s agenda, we can practice our standby presentation, tweak, check timing, and practice some more. We can review past speech evaluations and make sure we’re incorporating suggestions we think are appropriate. And practice some more. Then we give the speech confidently, and bask in the enthusiastic applause.

As soon as we give the standby we refine our first backup speech into standby mode. We analyze our intended audience, review the manual objectives and suggestions, and adjust our outline. As we wait for our next speaking opportunity we revisit the script from time to time to incorporate lessons we’ve learned watching others present at meetings. We look at the new backup speech and refine it. And, we start researching and outlining the following scheduled speech – now our second backup speech.

Three speeches in process – all the time.


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