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You must have emotional connection

When you’re drafted to help a candidate, or if you are inspired to run for local office, your Toastmasters training is invaluable. There’s other help available, too; for example, Joe Garecht, mentioned in a previous post, wrote “Everything You Need to Know about Giving a Great Political Speech” and “Developing a Campaign Message that Voters Actually Care About.” These articles smooth the road to City Council, School Board . . . or even to VP of your service club.

The overall key is to get emotional connection. The audience has to like you, has to believe you, and especially, has to feel your strong emotion. Otherwise their votes remain questionable and their dollars remain in their pockets.

Joe offers a formula that has worked for winning politicians for generations:

“1 – I care about the same things you care about

2 — There’s a problem WE have to deal with

3 – Here’s proof of the problem

4 – My opponent is part of the problem

5 — But I have the answer!

6 – Here’s what tomorrow can look like”

“. . . your message has to be a ‘cutting message,’ . . .(and) should Tie into Core Human Values. . .These values are:

  1. Safety

  2. Health

  3. Financial Health and Well-Being

  4. Morality

  5. Children’s Future”

There are two sides to every issue and both sides will use these values to support their positions. The key is a persuasive message: Project 9 in the CC Program, a project in Speeches by Management, and five projects in Persuasive Speaking train toastmasters to convince by skillfully organizing and presenting messages.

Organizing for impact and practicing tactical use of pauses and gestures make our speeches easy to understand and help arouse emotion. An intense, emotion arousing beginning, clear speaking points – repeated for emphasis – and a rousing call for action to close “set the hook” when you solicit votes, dollars or both.

“If you can show people that you share their values, talk about issues that are cutting and that you both care about, and convince them that you are uniquely qualified to solve those issues, then you’re on the right path to winning your election.”


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