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To send your very best

Club members sometimes identify problems at Club, Area and even District levels of leadership. “They won’t help with my problem! Why don’t we have ‘better’ officers and staffers?”

When we think we see problems “upline” our perceptions may be skewed. Maybe the appointee who doesn’t answer emails is overwhelmed and investing her limited time in getting things done instead of in answering our emails. The staffer who chronically refers us to someone else (“that ain’t my job” syndrome) may just need to be re-trained.

Whether our perceptions are accurate or not, though, what’s important is what we do to improve the organization, not what we think is wrong with it. We always end up with the leaders we deserve in a self-supporting organization like Toastmasters.

We certainly need more and maybe even better candidates. The solution is clear: “If you care enough to send the very best” then send . . . yourself! If you think the District needs a new direction, volunteer to serve. If you want to see transparency in leader decisions, apply for the leader positions. If you want Toastmasters to grow and thrive, then help to make it grow and thrive. You have to get involved and “get your hands dirty.”

There are no guarantees. You may find, after a year of service that you don’t like the job you accepted. That’s OK; you don’t have to serve a second year. However, you will be far better informed about the root causes of what you think is wrong.

Help us earn good leadership by sending the very best – yourself.

Note that there is a District Leadership Seminar scheduled Saturday, January 9 at National University in Costa Mesa (3390 Harbor Blvd.). The seminar is scheduled for 1:00 to 3:30 pm; RSVP if you can to Bob Hudack, DTM, PDG.

The seminar is designed to recruit new candidates for District jobs like Area Director, Program Quality Director, and so on, through discussion of the District’s needs and openings and what officers need to know and do.


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