Better Training is . . .

What would make officers’ training valuable?

Wild 360

From a previous post: “. . . if large numbers of candidates reject a training program they probably don’t see the value in it for them versus their cost in time and money.”

We mentioned that demanding military training is valued by candidates as shown by the large numbers of applicants for U.S. Navy SEAL, U.S.M.C. Boot Camp, and U.S. Army Ranger training. The training is tough, with high failure rates, but the applications pour in.

This may happen because the training is necessary for a job assignment or for (much) better job performance. Similar demands are made in some corporations’ leadership courses and in many Master’s Degree programs.

So, if military and business and academic enterprises can develop demanding training that attracts a lot of applicants, why not Toastmasters? If good job performance as an officer required specialized training that was available, completion and certification would be valued.

However, training – or teaching – that is fascinating, entertaining and fun attracts students too – even without a measurable job performance payoff. Books titled “Freakonomics” and “How Not to be Wrong” bring fresh thought and intellectual excitement to such mundane subjects as economics and mathematical thinking. They’re fun and (appealing) to read.

TM Officers’ training that was demanding, fulfilling, and entertaining would attract trainees. Haranguing new officers to attend training wouldn’t be necessary.

If we want all of our officers to be well trained so they can best serve their clubs we need to develop a product that meets our Club Officers’ needs – and make sure they understand the training’s value to them and to their clubs. If the military, business and academic realms can do it, Toastmasters surely can.

It’s just a matter of doing the work and mustering our will – for excellence. If a large majority of Toastmasters Club officers anticipate, enjoy and apply officers’ training they will attend and appreciate it.

Or we can send out more emails demanding that our officers get “checked off” as trained and try to find ways to “train” eight officers during fifteen minutes after a meeting.


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